Lynn Richardson
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chicken town chicken town detail



fortress of solitude side view good humor
2005 MFA candidate Sculpture, University of Texas at Austin USA  
  1998 Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts. University of Manitoba  
  2003 Charles Umlauf Centennial Endowed Scholarship TX USA  
    Lomis Slaughter Jr. Endowed Scholarship in Sculpture TX
  2002 Manitoba Arts Council OBO Grant  
Winnipeg Arts Advisory Council Grant  
  Lila Acheson ReaderOs Digest Scholarship. University of Manitoba  
  Irving and Jeannette Goodfriend Presidential Scholarship in Art. TX  
    Charles Umlauf Centennial Endowed Scholarship. TX  
    William Mozart McVey Endowed Scholarship in Sculpture. TX  
    Lomis Slaughter, Jr. Endowed Scholarship in Sculpture. TX  
    Eugenie Kamrath Mygdal Scholarship in Sculpture. TX  
  2001 Canada Council for the Arts emerging artist grant  
2000 Manitoba Arts Council OCO Grant  
  2002 Hoof, Claws and Antlers <SITE> Gallery Winnipeg MB January 10 D January 31  
  2003 ArtSpeak Gallery Lombardi. Austin Texas October 25  
2003 Another other Gallery Neubacher. Toronto Ontario. June 12 D July 19  
  2003 5x7 The Jones Center for Contemporary Art. The Texas Fine Arts Association. Austin Texas May17 D June 01  
  2003 Landlocked AKA Gallery (Two person) Saskatoon,
SK. January 10 D February 14
  2003 You Gotta Move Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba. Brandon, MB. January 09 D March 02
  2003-04 Biennial SCAM Estevan Art Gallery & Museum, The Little Gallery Prince Albert, Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Swift Current, Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, Medicine Hat Museum & At Gallery. March 03 2003 D April 26 2004  
  2002 Chance Operation Gallery 1313. Austin Texas. December 05 D January 01  
  2000 Hosehead Plug-In Institute of Contemporary Arts. Winnipeg Manitoba. July 20 D September 9
  1998 Henny Penny and the Great Train Robbery Architecture II Gallery. University of Manitoba. May 7 D July 2